Special LP

Catalog number: FTM 31709 LP

Barcode: 2300000040203

Label: Fulltime Production

Support: VINYL LP

Year: 1982

Genre: Disco

Biography and Discography of AAVV SPECIAL LP


N Title Audio MP3 Wav Video
1 Artist: Matrix
STAY I need your love (Extended Version)
ISRC: IT-C89-90-00135
0,50 1,00
2 Artist: Matrix
Take me up (Extended Version)
ISRC: IT-C89-90-00136
0,50 1,00
3 Artist: Ago
You make me do it (USA REMIX)
ISRC: IT-C89-90-00543
0,50 1,00
4 Artist: Goldie Alexander
Show you my Love (Extended Version)
ISRC: IT-C89-90-00072
0,50 1,00
5 Artist: Goldie Alexander
Go back (Extended Version)
ISRC: IT-C89-90-00073
0,50 1,00
6 Artist: Katmandu
I Wanna dance (Extended Version)
ISRC: IT-C89-90-00510
0,50 1,00
7 Artist: Weeks and Co
Rock your world (Extended Version)
ISRC: IT-C89-90-00550
0,50 1,00

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a1 and a2 written by: Sangy-Flavio Botta,
a3 written by: Michele Violante,
b1 written by: Kat Dyson,
b2 written by: Rosi Bucci-Tony Green,
b3 written by: Fitz Walton-Michel Bibeau,
b4 written by: Richie Weeks-Roy Bermingham-Jorge Barreiro

P 1982 Full Time Production
P & C Goodymusic Production srl
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Full Time Production