The Creatures

L'altro mondo studios - expansion

Catalog number: SP 31712 LP

Barcode: 2300000040289

Label: Fulltime Production

Support: VINYL LP

Year: 1982

Genre: Disco

Biography and Discography of The Creatures


N Title Time Audio MP3 Wav Video
1 Artist: The Creatures
Machine's drama (Original)
ISRC: IT-C89-90-00202
7:23 0,50 1,00
2 Artist: The Creatures
Expansion (Original)
ISRC: IT-C89-90-00203
6:35 0,50 1,00
3 Artist: The Creatures
Dance of the silver girls (Original)
ISRC: IT-C89-90-00204
5:58 0,50 1,00
4 Artist: The Creatures
Kid robot dance (Original)
ISRC: IT-C89-90-00205
4:03 0,50 1,00
5 Artist: The Creatures
The other world's robot (Original)
ISRC: IT-C89-90-00206
4:50 0,50 1,00

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All songs written by Mario Flores

Arranged by M. Flores
Engineered and mixed by M. Flores
(P) 1982 Full Time Production
P & C Goodymusic Production srl
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Full Time Production