Goody Music Production is not only one of the most prolific label in Italy but also a publisher that joins, some of the most appreciated labels in Italy such as: Acid 80, Flaminio Jazz, Full Time, Goody Music Production, ABM, Good Vibes, Zig Zag, Mr Disc, and Sound Real. As publisher Antibe represents Purple Music and Rule 5.
Over many years of activity Goody Music Production has produced various international dance success and most of them have been gaining by prestigious awards such as many Gold Records from different countries such as: France, Germany, England, Spain, Austria, USA and South Africa. The music produced so far is a wide range of genre from Pop, House, Hiphop, Nu Jazz, Electro, Techouse, Dance, Disco 70' and 80', Electronics, Lounge and Chill out.

Both for the labels and the publisher work of Goody Music Production, artists, authors, Dj and remixers, involved over years are countless. Among the most popular we can name: Orlando Johnson, Jamie Lewis, David Visan, Serge Santiago, Nero Uk, Jago, Sabrina Salerno, Charlie, Sylvester, Joe Smooth, Joy Salinas, Jimmy Ross, Kano, Jovanotti, Tony Esposito, DFx, Tullio De Piscopo,The Creatures, Jenny B, Piotta, Corveleno, Turi, Ike Therry, D.Lewis & Emix, Medusa's Spite, Cool Water, Time Passing, Larry Levan, John Dahlback, Asia Argento, Turi, La Toya Jackson, Selection, Magda, Carl Craig, Dj Hell and many more.

Musical achievements includes also the world of Cinema. Among the most representative collaborations we can name: Sex and the City, Panarea, Vacanze di Natale and many more.